29.5.4 Pie Of Pie Chart

Pie Of Pie Chart.png

Data Requirements

Select exactly one Y column of values (or a range from one column).

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu, choose Plot > Bar, Pie, Area: Pie of Pie.


PIEofPie.OTP (installed to the Origin program folder).


A pie of pie plot is also a variation of 2D pie chart, which has two pie charts connected by two straight lines:

  • One of the pie chart is the main pie chart, locates at the left of layer, shows whole component distribution in percentages including the wedge "Other" which is the sum of combined wedges.
  • Another pie chart is the child pie chart, locates at the right of layer, shows the detailed information of the combined wedges of the wedge "Other".

If you have a 2D pie chart, want to plot a pie of pie chart:

  1. Go to the Wedges tab of Plot Details dialog,
  2. Specify how to combine the wedges as the wedge "Other" by setting the Combine Wedges by drop-down list. If you select Percentage or Value for this list, you need enter a value for the Percent/Value <= box. If you select Custom, you can choose the wedges you desired to combine in the Combine column of the Exploding or Combining Wedges table.
  3. Check Show Combined as check box and then select Pie from the next drop-down list.
  4. Do customization such as color of the combined wedge, size of the second plot and gap between the plots.


To customize the viewing angle, rotation,radius and center, see The (Plot Details) Pie Geometry tab.

To customize the wedges, such as exploding and combining the wedges, see The (Plot Details) Wedges Tab.

To customize the labels of wedges, see The (Plot Details) Labels tab.