29.5.3 Doughnut Plot

Doughnut Plot.png

Data Requirements

Select exactly one Y column of values (or a range from one column).

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu, choose Plot > Bar, Pie, Area: Doughnut Plot.


Doughnut.OTP (installed to the Origin program folder).


A single-ring doughnut plot is a variation of 2D pie chart, which has a custom-sized inner hole. When you plot multiple dataset together, multiple doughnut plots will be created dependently and stacked in the radial direction with an area of the center cut out.

For the single-ring doughnut plot, all customization for 2D pie plot are supported, such as set increment radius for the wedges, combine and explode wedges, and so on.

For the multi-ring doughnut plot, you are able to set increment radius for the wedges, combine wedges and so on, but not able to explode the wedges as all doughnuts are dependent. If you set these doughnuts independent in the Group tab, you can just explode the wedges of the outer ring.


  • To customize individual rings, Set Group tab > Edit Mode = Independent, then edit the Rescale Radius (% of frame) edit box.