The (PSS) Paired-Sample t-Test Dialog Box

Supporting Information

Results Log Output

Select check box to output results to the Results Log.


Power Compute power for specified sample size.
Sample Size Compute sample size for proposed power.

Test Specification

1st Group Mean Mean of Group 1.
2nd Group Mean Mean of Group 2.
Std Dev of Diff Standard deviation of the differences for paired samples.
Alpha Probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true.
Hypothetical Power(s) Specify space-separated list of hypothetical power(s). Only available when sample size is calculated.
Hypothetical Sample Size(s) Specify spaced separated list of hypothetical sample size(s). Only available when power is calculated. The number entered is the sample size for each set of paired samples.

Select a 1- or 2-sided test for your paired-sample t-test.

1 Side
Perform a 1-sided test.
2 Side
Perform a 2-sided test.


Controls to be used when supplying additional power or sample size values by worksheet dataset:

When calculating power (Calculate = Power):

More Hypothetical Sample Size(s) Select to activate the Hypothetical Sample Size(s) Column input controls.
Hypothetical Sample Size(s) Column Specify column of sample size values. Available when More Hypothetical Sample Size(s)... is selected.

When calculating sample size (Calculate = Sample Size):

More Hypothetical Power(s) Select to activate the Hypothetical Power(s) Column input controls.
Hypothetical Power(s) Column Specify column of power values. Available when More Hypothetical Power(s)... is selected.

Output Results

Determine where to create the output report worksheet. For more information, see Analysis Report Sheets.