The Inverse 2D FFT Dialog Box

2D IFFT ifft2.png
  • Menu Command: Analysis: Signal Processing: FFT: 2D IFFT
  • Window Type: Matrix, 3D/Contour Plots
  • X-Function Script and GUI Examples: ifft2(Pro)
Dialog Theme See Dialog Themes.

See Recalculating Analysis Results.

Input Matrix

Can be complex matrix or real matrix. See Specifying Your Input Data.

Imaginary Matrix

Specifies the imaginary matrix if the real part and imaginary part are separated into a different matrix.

Undo Shift

This checkbox should be selected if the DC component is in the center of the input matrix.

Output Matrix

Specifies the output matrices. See Output Results.

  • Complex Matrix
  • Real Matrix
  • Imaginary Matrix
  • Amplitude Matrix
  • Phase Matrix