24.4 Sharing Files with Multiple Clients

Origin also provides a Group Folder feature where a group leader, or server machine, can share various Origin file types with multiple group members, or client machines. The terms server and client are used here in a very general sense.

This group folder feature can be used by any site/organization that has multiple Origin users managed by any license type. Even though the group leader and group menbers have different license types, sharing files between them by using Group Folder is available.

Following tutorial shows you how to share your customized App (.opx file) or graph template (.ogwu file) with multiple Origin users,

Suppose UserA serves as “Group Leader” which will publish the App and other updates to group members (UserB, UserC, ...). First, we will need to set up a group as follow:

  • On UserA machine:
    1. Select menu Preferences: Set Group Folder Location.
    2. In the Set Group Folder Location dialog that opens, specify the Group Folder Path which should be a folder all group members can access. Check Group Leader Machine checkbox. Click OK to close the dialog.
  • On client machines (UserB/UserC/...)
    1. Select menu Preferences: Set Group Folder Location.
    2. In the Set Group Folder Location dialog that opens, choose the above path set up by UserA. Make sure Group Leader Machine is UNCHECKED. Click OK.

Once done, UserA can publish new or updated files (including customized Apps and graph templates) to group members (UserB/UserC/...). For example, when there is an update on the .opx file, we can choose to publish the new version as follow:

  1. Install the App to be published on UserA. You can drag and drop the .opx file into Origin workspace to install it. The .opx file will be put into UserA’s <UserFilesFolder>\Auto Install\ subfolder.
  2. Select menu Preferences: Group Folder Manager.
  3. In the Group Folder Manager that opens, check Code, Apps (CPP, OGS, OXF, OPX...) checkbox on top. .opx file installed in step1 will list on the left panel
  4. Click Add button Group Folder Manager-4.png to move it to the right panel. Then click Publish button to publish it. Close the dialog.
  5. Once published, all group members (UserB/UserC...) will receive a message when they restart their Origin, asking to update new files from server.
  6. Click Yes to install the new App. And the opx file is now copied into every client machine’s <UserFilesFolder>\groupshared\Auto Install\ subfolder.

Please note that the whole process should not require Administrator rights.  

This section covers the following topics: