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Interactively reduce data in graphs by applying filters.

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This App allows you to interact with a graph and reduce the plotted data by applying filters on related data columns. The dialog is not a model, so you can switch from one graph to another to explore all data in your project.



Download the Data Slicer.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto Origin workspace.

An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.



  1. Activate a graph with data plotted from a worksheet.
  2. Click on the Data Slicer icon to launch the dialog.
  3. In the left panel, select the column on which you want to place the condition/filter.
  4. Note: By default when the data slicer opens, columns listed in the left panel are the columns from the worksheet that were not plotted in the selected graph. To filter the columns that are plotted, click the third button above the panel. This will display all columns.
  5. On the right side, you can set filter conditions on the selected column:
    • The Categorical tab lists all categories from the selected column. Select the check-boxes to specifiy which categories to display on the graph.
      This is suitable for text data or when you want to treat any column as categorical. For sorting, select the first icon on the left (ZA, arrow pointing downward) to sort by name in ascending order, select the second icon ZA (arrow pointing downward) to sort by name in descending order, select the third icon to sort by frequency in descending order, select the fourth icon to sort by frequency in ascending order,  slect the fifth icon to display only selected categories.
    • The Numeric tab allows you to place a condition and then provides sliders for you to adjust the values for the filter. 
  6. On the left panel, when you hover on a column name, you will see three icons displayed to the right side of the name.
    These allow you to quickly enable, disable, and remove the filter condition.
  7. To remove all filters, click the fourth button on top of the left panel.
    If the dialog is closed when some filters are still enabled, those filters will remain applied to the worksheet.


Sample Files

The App is shipped with three sample Origin projects. Right-click on the App icon and select Show Samples Folder to access these files.


Note: This App can only be used with graphs that plot with raw data. The Data Slicer App does not apply correctly with plot types that need to use a set of equations for presenting the data (i.e. Box Plots).


Reviews and Comments:
12/04/2022OriginLabHi, Philip

The app does support multiple plots but it looks it does not work as you want. Could you let us know more details how you want it to work so that we can see whether we can support it

OriginLab Technical Service

12/02/2022philip.fayI liked the app but couldn't seem to make it work for multiple plots within one graph. Thank you for making it available.