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OriginPro, the professional version of Origin, provides all of the features of Origin, plus additional analysis tools and capabilities. If you don't know which product you have -- Origin or OriginPro -- look to the title bar.

OriginPro title bar.png

Users of standard Origin will note that some menu commands are marked with (Pro), indicating that the feature is available only in OriginPro. If you own the standard version of Origin, but find that you need features of OriginPro, you can upgrade by contacting your Origin representative.

If you wish to continue using standard Origin without seeing (Pro) menu commands, click Preferences: System Variables and enter the following in the Set System Variables dialog box and click OK (Comment is optional):

Remove Pro Menu.png

Curve Fitting

In addition to Origin's linear and nonlinear curve fitting capabilities, OriginPro includes support for the following:

  • Linear fitting with X error.
  • Nonlinear fitting with X and Y errors (orthogonal regression).
  • Fitting with implicit functions (orthogonal distance regression).
  • Fitting Comparison: Fit and rank all functions in a category, compare two models to one dataset or two datasets to one model.
  • Global fitting of multiple curves using different functions, with the option of sharing parameters.

For more information, see these web pages: Linear and Polynomial Fitting and Nonlinear Fitting.

Surface Fitting

With OriginPro, you can perform 3D Surface Fitting. Choose from 21 built-in surface fitting models including Gauss2D, DoseResponse2D, Exponential2D, and Polynomial2D; or define your own function.

  • Fit worksheet data (XYZ) or matrix data (Z values).
  • Locate and fit multiple peaks using one of several peak identification methods.
  • Automatic peak parameter initialization.
  • Apply constraints and bounds to parameters and fix parameter values.
  • Output parameter and statistical results plus residual curves.
  • Find specific Z values along the fit surface and include them in your output.
  • Option for automatic recalculation of results and saving tool settings to a Theme file for repeat use.

For more information, see this web page: Surface Fitting.

Peak Fitting

OriginPro includes the Peak Analyzer tool with support for the following:

  • Peak finding (Local Max, Window Search, 1st Derivative, 2nd Derivative, Residual after 1st Derivative).
  • Detect and subtract baseline (Constant, Dataset, XPS, End Points Weighted, Straight Line, User-Defined, None).
  • Fit Peaks with built-in or user-defined functions.
  • Fit individual peaks with different fitting functions.
  • Fit Baseline as part of the peak fitting process (user-defined or built-in functions).
  • Control fit parameters (fix, share, set bounds).

For more information, see this web page: Peak Fitting.


OriginPro includes support for advanced statistical analyses in these areas:

  • Descriptive statistics (cross-tabulation, distribution fit, correlation coefficient, partial correlation coefficient).
  • ANOVA (one-/two-way repeated measures, three-way).
  • Multivariate analysis (principal components, cluster, discriminant/canonical discriminant analyses; partial least squares).
  • Survival analysis (Kaplan-Meier, Cox Proportional Hazards, Weibull Fit, test of equality of survival functions)
  • Parametric hypothesis tests (two-/pair-sample t-Test on rows, one-/two-sample test for variance, one-/two-sample proportion test).
  • Nonparametric tests (one-/paired-sample Wilcoxon signed rank, paired-sample sign test, Mann-Whitney, two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA, Mood's median test, Friedman ANOVA, support for simultaneous tests).
  • Power and sample size (one-/two-/paired-sample t-test, one-/two-proportion test, one-/two-variance test, one-way ANOVA).
  • ROC curve analysis.

For more information, see this web page: Statistics.

Signal Processing

In addition to Origin's standard suite of signal processing tools, the following are available in OriginPro:

  • Signal transforms (short-time Fourier analysis, Hilbert transform, 2D FFT/2D IFFT).
  • Filtering (IIR filter design, 2D FFT filter).
  • Correlation (2D correlation).
  • Wavelet Analysis (continuous wavelet transform, discrete wavelet transform, inverse discrete wavelet transform, multi-scale wavelet decomposition, smoothing, noise removal, 2D wavelet decomposition, 2D wavelet reconstruction).
  • Rise-time Gadget (linear search, histogram, largest triangle).
  • Decimation (moving average, finite impulse response).
  • Coherence.
  • Envelope curves (upper and/or lower, smooth during envelope detection).

For more information, see this web page: Signal Processing.


Origin Gadgets provide a quick and easy way to perform exploratory analysis on plotted data. While there are specific Gadgets for each analysis, all work by allowing you to graphically and interactively position a region-of-interest (ROI) object around the data that you wish to analyze. OriginPro includes these additional Gadgets:

  • Cluster Gadget (stats on points inside/outside the ROI; with support for masking, editing, copying and deleting points).
  • 2D Integration Gadget (integration on image plot or contour plot from matrix or worksheet data).
  • Rise-time Gadget (analyze rise/fall time of stepped signals).

For more information, see this web page: Exploratory Analysis.

Image Processing

Origin and OriginPro include a collection of easy-to-use image processing tools. OriginPro includes additional tools in the following areas:

  • Image adjustments (function lookup table, leveling).
  • Image conversion (dynamic binary, threshold, RGB merge/split, image scale).
  • Spatial filters (user filter).
  • Arithmetic transforms (alpha blend, extract to XYZ, image simple math, math function, morphological filter, pixel logic, replace background, subtract background, subtract interpolated background).

For more information, see this web page: Image Processing.


Many add-on Apps are coded to integrate with an OriginPro feature and therefore, they require an OriginPro license to run. OriginPro-only Apps will be listed in the Origin File Exchange with a red OriginPro Symbol.png symbol beside them.

Here are some of our more popular OriginPro Apps:

For general information on Apps visit www.originlab.com/apps.