29.17.13 3D Tetrahedral(Quaternary Phase Diagram)

3D Tetrahedral.png

Data Requirements

Select two Z columns (XYZZ) or a range of data from two Z columns. The Z columns may be multiples of 2, in which case, Z-Z pairs will be grouped in the layer and plot Symbol Edge Color will be incremented.

Creating the Graph

Highlight the source data and

select Plot > 3D: 3D Tetrahedral.


  • GL3DTETRAHEDRAL.otp (OpenGL only)

(Installed to the Origin program folder).


Unlike 3D graphs in the Cartesian coordinate system, you can create a 3D Tetrahedral in Tetrahedral Coordinate, which is also called Quaternary phase diagram.

There are four axes in the 3D Tetrahedral system, defined as X, Y, Z and Zh. The Zh axis is perpendicular to the plane of the triangle. Correspondingly, there will also be four axis planes: XY, YZh, ZhX and ZZh (see the Planes tab in Plot Details).