6.6.4 Stack Column With Labels

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This graph displays a stack column plot. Each data point in each column has been labelled using the associated data value, and custom formatting applied to column fills and labels.

Stack Column With Labels 01.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0

What will you learn

This tutorial will show you how to

  • Create a stack column plot
  • Add labels for columns
  • Customize the column graph


This tutorial is associated with <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Tutorial Data.opj.

  1. Open Tutorial Data.opj and browse to the Stack Column With Labels folder in Project Explorer (PE).
  2. Activate the worksheet and select columns B through E. In the main menu, select Plot > Bar, Pie, Area : Stacked Column. Alternatively, you can click the Stacked Column button on the 2D Graph toolbar.
    Stack Column With Labels 02.png
  3. Double-click the X axis tick labels to open the Axis dialog box. Go to Tick Labels tab and set the X axis tick labels as following:
    Stack Column With Labels 03.png
  4. Select the Grids tab and hold Ctrl key to select Horizontal icon in left panel to simultaneously apply changes to the Y Axis. , Check the Opposite box to add lines opposite both the X and Y axes:
    Stack Column With Labels 04.png
  5. Go to the Scale tab and click Vertical icon on the left panel to set the value of To to 102 for Y axis and click OK to apply settings and close the Axis dialog box.
  6. Double-click the plot to open the Plot Details dialog box. On the Group tab, set the Fill Color as shown below:
    Stack Column With Labels 07.png
  7. On the Label tab, select Enable. Set the Font, Color, and Size to Verdana, white, and 18. Set Label Form to Custom and enter "$((y),.0)%" for the Format String.
    Stack Column With Labels 08.png
  8. On the Spacing tab, set Gap Between Bars(in %) to 30.
    Stack Column With Labels 09.png
  9. On the Pattern tab, set Gradient Fill as shown below:
    Stack Column With Labels 10.png
  10. In the left panel, select Layer1. On the Background tab, set Color and Gradient Fill as shown below:
    Stack Column With Labels 11.png
  11. Click OK to close the dialog box. To complete the graph, change the X and Y axis labels to "Year" and "Population (%)", then add the graph title “U.S. Population by Race.”