1.12 Apps in Origin

In this lesson we will install and use an App from the App Center.

  1. Start with the project saved from last lesson, and add a new folder named 3D Ellipsoid at the root level of Project Explorer.
  2. Select the F10 key to open the App Center dialog. Select the Search tab and input 3D Confidential Ellipsoid into the search engine and select the Search icon in order to search for the app.
    Note: You can as well open the App Center dialog by selecting Add Apps in the Apps Gallery Window.
  3. Click the download and install icon. Once the App is installed, the download and install icon will change to a green check-mark (Up-to-date Version icon). As well, an icon named 3D Confidential Ellipsoid will appear in the Apps Gallery window docked to the right end of the workspace.
  4. Now import the file <Origin EXE Path>\Samples\Statistics\Fisher's Iris Data.dat into a new workbook.
  5. Select Plot > Templates: System Template Library from the main menu. In the System Templates dialog, expand the Graph Template -> 3D Symbols & Bars & Vectors node, then select gl3d. Click the Plot Setup... button at the bottom left corner of the dialog.
  6. In the Plot Setup dialog that opens, set column C, D, and A as the X, Y, and Z columns, respectively. Click the Show Plot List button Button Expand Preview Down.png to expand the dialog (if it is not already expanded) , click the Add button, then click OK to create a 3D scatter plot.
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 02.png
  7. Double-click on the scatter to open the Plot Details dialog. On the Symbol tab, click on the Color drop-down list, and then select the By Points tab. Then click on Indexing, and from the drop-down, select Col(E) "Species". Click OK to close the dialog.
  8. Click the 3D Confidential Ellipsoid button in the Apps Gallery. This will open the Plot 3D Confidence Ellipsoid dialog. Accept the default settings and click OK. Three ellipsoid are added to the graph, each envelops the group of data with the same color. You can hold the R key and then use the mouse to rotate the plot.
    Apps 02.png

Save your project file.

We hope this set of Getting Started tutorials has been helpful in providing you with a broad overview and introduction to key features in Origin. We recommend that you continue with more advanced tutorials in the categories in this book that are most relevant to your work.