17.5.7 Moods Median Test


The Mood's median test is a non-parametric test to compare two or more independent samples. It is an alternative method to ANOVA. However, unlike ANOVA, it does not assume normality in the samples, and so is useful when comparing medians where normality is questionable. In this test, the null hypothesis is that the medians are the same. The alternative hypothesis is that at least two of the samples' medians are different.

Handling Missing Values

The missing values in the data range will be excluded in the analysis

From Origin 2015, missing values in the grouping range and the corresponding data values will be excluded in analysis. In the previous version, missing values in the grouping range will be considered as a group.

Performing Moods Median Test

To perform a Mood's median test:

  1. Select Statistics: Nonparametric Tests: Mood's Median Test. This opens the mediantest dialog box.
  2. Specify the Input Data.
  3. Upon clicking OK, an analysis report sheet is generated that lists the frequency table, degrees of freedom, Chi-square statistics, the associated p-value, and the test conclusion.

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