29.3.7 Before and After Graph

Before After Graph.png

Data Requirements

Select at least two columns of values.

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

Select Plot > Basic 2D: Before - After.




  • This graph is a variation of Line Series graph. Once you selected some columns, all these columns will be plotted as a line series which presents all data points at same row as a line, but only every two data points has been connected. If you have selected an odd number of columns, the last column will be plotted as scatter without any connection.
  • You can also be able to change a Line Series plot to be a Before-After plot:
    1. Open the Plot Details dialog, go to the Group tab.
    2. Select By Size radio box for Enable Subgroup control and then enter 2 for the Subgroup Size box.
  • This graph type will support a second Y axis with a different scale. See the Example: 1 Layer, 2 Y Axes in the Origin User Guide.