1 Code Builder Interface

Code Builder is Origin's Origin C and Python integrated development environment. It provides standard tools for writing, compiling, and debugging Origin C, Python and LabTalk code.

To open Code Builder, click the View: Code Builder menu item or click the Button Code Builder.png button on the Standard toolbar or press Alt+4. Everything you need to develop your programs and scripts is in this window:

Code Builder Interface.png

To quickly get started with the use of Code Builder, please refer to Code Builder Quick Start to Run an Origin C File. Python developers can refer to Origin's Embedded Python documentation and New originpro package for easy access to Python.

  • Menu bar and Toolbars:
The upper panel is the interface where Code Builder provides all its commands and options.
For further information please refer to Menu Items Toolbars and Status Bar.
  • Windows:
The middle panel is the main working space where you can organize and develop your Origin C programs, Python programs and your LabTalk scripts.
For further information please refer to Workspace text editor and other windows.
For debugging LabTalk scripts please refer to Debugging LabTalk Scripts.
  • Status bar:
The lower panel contains information of your Code Builder such as position information of the cursor.
For further information please refer to Menu Items, Toolbars and Status Bar.
This section covers the following topics: