2.14.1 X-Functions for File

Origin provides a collection of File X-Functions

Name Brief Example
cmpfile Compare two binary files and print out comparison results
dlgFile Prompt user to select a file with an Open file dialog. Examples
dlgPath Prompt user to select a path with an Open Path dialog. Examples
dlgSave Prompt user with an Save as dialog. Examples
filelog Create a .txt file that contains notes or records of the user's work through a string. Examples
findFiles Searches for a file or files under a folder. Examples
findFolders Searches for a folder or folders under a folder. Examples
imgFile Prompt user to select an image with an Open file dialog. Examples
lvvicopy Copy Origin Sub-VIs to LabVIEW User.lib...
nccopy Copy and optionally compress and chunk netCDF data.
oftp Provide script access to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers Examples
template_saveas Save a graph/workbook/matrix window as template Examples
window_saveas Save a graph, workbook or matrix window to file
web2file Copy a web page to a local file. Examples