1.4 OriginWave Sub-VIs

This group of sub-VIs is for handling LabVIEW Waveform data, the same type of data that you would typically wire into a Chart. Origin has native waveform support in worksheet columns, so these VIs allows you to directly connect a waveform to Origin.

OriginWave Sub-VIs Description
OA_Col-GetWave Get a waveform from a column.
OA_Col-SetWaveInfo Extract a wave's attributes: NI_ChannelName, NI_UnitDescription, NI_DeviceNumber and set them as a column's long name, Unit, User Parameter.
OA_Col-NewWaveFile Connect to Origin and start a new project with a single worksheet and optionally plot all the columns in a graph.
OA_Wks-GetWave Retrieve continues data from a worksheet to create dynamic data.
OA_Wks-PutWave Send 1D array of waveforms to an Origin worksheet starting from 1st column.