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Service Release 4 for Origin 8 (from SR2 or SR3 only)

This service release can be applied to all language versions of Origin 8/OriginPro 8 SR2 (8.0891) and Origin 8/OriginPro 8 SR3 (8.0932) only. To verify your version before patching, select Help:About Origin. If you have Origin 8 SR0 (8.0725) or SR1 (8.0773), you must first apply Service Release 2, and then apply Service Release 4. 

Top Reasons to Update

In addition to bug fixes, SR4 also has the following useful changes. View the entire list of bug fixes, features added/changed in SR3/SR4, future additions/changes - or go to the main release notes page.

  1. A completely new set of LabVIEW SubVIs (4 llbs). These new VIs take full advantage of the greatly expanded COM support in Origin 8. Using Origin from LabVIEW is now much easier than before. All LabVIEW examples have also been rewritten using these new SubVIs.

  2. Improved support for waveform data with constant sampling interval.

  3. New Quick FFT tool to allow dragging a rectangle to immediately see FFT of selected data.

  4. Improvements to LabTalk calculation speed, such as col(b )=col(a )*10.

  5. Support for Real World Coordinates in Vector Plots (X Y Angle Magnitude).


Instructions can be found below this Downloads table.







From SR2
(8.0891e => 8.0951)




Hanover, Germany

26.2 MB
26.2 MB

From SR3
(8.0932 => 8.0951)




Hanover, Germany

24.5 MB
24.5 MB

Help Files


The EXEs above do not include the updated help files. To get them, please run the software and select Help: Check for Updates.

Release Notes


Origin 8 SR4 Release Notes





You can obtain this patch, as well as any updated help files, by running the software and selecting Help: Check for Updates. Or, follow the instructions below.

  1. Close all other applications, including Origin/OriginPro 8.
  2. Download Service Release 4 from the table above.

    Note: Two downloads are provided for SR4. The one you should download and install depends on whether you currently have SR2 or SR3.

    • For users with SR2 (8.0891), please download from the first row in the table below.
    • For users with SR3 (8.0932), please download from the second row in the table below.

  3. Save the patch to your Origin \Updates folder.

    Note: Please do NOT rename the file.

  4. Run the patch by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer. Alternatively, select the Start button on your desktop and then the Run menu. Locate the file using the Browse button and click OK.
  5. Review the Release Notes to see what has been fixed or added. Click on the link provided in the Downloads table above.

    Note: When you have applied this patch, your Origin version number should be 8.0951. You can confirm that the installation has completed successfully by launching Origin/OriginPro and selecting Help: About Origin.


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