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Installing Origin on a Remote Access Server

If you own the Origin CONCURRENT NETWORK PACKAGE, then you can install Origin on a remote access server such as a Windows Terminal Server or a Citrix Server, and the Terminal Services Client or the Citrix client can run the Origin Concurrent Network member.

The license management is handled by the FLEXnet license server, provided with the Origin Concurrent Network package (this can, but does not have to be installed on the same server). Thus, the number of Terminal Services Clients or Citrix clients that can run Origin at the same time is handled by the FLEXnet license service. For example, if you purchased a 25-user Concurrent Network package, then no more than 25 Terminal Services Clients can run Origin at the same time.

If you own a node locked Origin package, then installing and running Origin on a remote access server is not supported.

After Origin is installed on the remote access server, you can start Origin to pre-set the FLEXnet server and also to pre-register (optional).

When you first start Origin, you will see the License Information dialog box, asking you to enter the FLEXnet server host name or IP address.
To register the Origin, select Help:Register Online.

Once you complete the licensing and registration, then these settings are read by all clients that run Origin on the remote access server.


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