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Origin 2016 Feature Highlights - Import , Export, Programming

Please look at sections below for improvements Origin 2016 makes for import ,export and programming.

Import and Export

Send Graphs to PowerPoint   

  • Specify Graph list and order
  • New slide for each graph using the same
    layout and style as starting slide
  • Send Graphs to an opened PPT file

Fig. Send graphs to PowerPoint

Fig. Import ACSII with clone template.


  • Clone current Book/Sheet during Multi-File Import
  • Set Column Plot Designation and Run Script after Import for more Import Routines
  • Trigger Worksheet Script after All import types
  • Import Excel File into Workbook Template
  • More 3rd-Party Import Formats: ISF, SAS, BRUKER OPUS. Updated Matlab and SPE import


  • R Console and support for Rserve to exchange data between Origin and R
  • Improvements to LabTalk Script Execution Speed

Fig. Running R in Origin and R Console

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