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Origin 2016 Feature Highlights - Analysis & Batch Processing

In Origin 2016, many improvements are introduced for data analysis, statistics and batch processing.

Clone Workbook for Repeat Analysis   

Origin provides a quick yet powerful way to apply cell formatting and data analyses made in the active workbook to multiple imported files, by treating the current workbook as a temporary template.

Import Multiple Files into cloned workbooks/sheets for Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Fig. Word Template used for Report Creation during Batch Processing

  • Support Word Template for Report Creation in Batch Processing   
  • Batch Processing with Analysis Template applied to Multiple Files imported to Sequential Worksheets   
  • Script Before Each Process in Batch Processing   
  • Append Results by Columns in Batch Processing


  • Easier way to customize Report Table in Graph for Linear and Non-linear Curve Fit   
  • Display Equation with parameter values in Graph after Non-linear Curve Fit

Fig. Easier way to customize Report Table

New Statistics

  • 3-way ANOVA PRO
  • Cross Tabulation PRO
  • Partial Correlation Coefficients PRO
  • Improvements: Means Comparison on Interaction Combinations in Two-Way ANOVA
  • Improvements: t-Test for Summarized Data

Fig. Results of Cross Tabulation

Peak Analysis

  • Set upper and lower bound of peaks
  • Snap peaks to spectrum
  • Add ALS baseline method
  • Easier way to customize Report Table and Peak Properties table
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