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Origin 2016 Feature Highlights - Graphing

In Origin 2016, many improvements are introduced for graphing and graph customization.

Smart Plotting with Cloneable Graph Templates   

Worksheet column to graph layer associations are saved in the template, allowing for one-click creation of graphs from sheets with a similar data structure.

  • Mark a Graph Template as a Cloneable Template
  • New Template Library for User-defined Graph Templates only
  • Preset graph window Short and Long Name in plotting, including Batch Plotting

Axis Customization

Fig. Stock graph in which weekends are skipped

  • Discrete Axis Scale Type to support skipping weekends and holidays when plotting Financial Data   
  • Plot Column/Bar from Non-Zero baseline by setting additional line values   
  • More flexible Minor Tick Label Display Format control   
  • Allow dragging Special Tick Labels to avoid overlapping with other Tick Labels

Annotation, Legend and Data Labeling

  • Adjust Line Spacing in Multi-line text objects in the graph   
  • Annotation Tool: Customize label display with support for including metadata   
  • Legend/Text Color same as Plot Color   

Fig. Flexible control Annotation Tool labeling

Fig. Color scale as blocks of colors

  • Data Labeling on Specific Indices/Points, plus Improved Label Format controls   
  • Show color scale as blocks of colors in Contour graphs
  • Leader line for Data Labeling in 3D graphs

Other Customizations

  • Set Layer Width or Height by Common Scale in a multi-layer graph   
  • Align linked graph layers at a Specified Value
  • Indexed Line Style and Width
  • Find min/max colormap level for grouped datasets   
  • Generate Grid from Triangulation of Contour Plot

Fig. Indexed line style and width

New Graph Types

  • Interval Plot
  • Unbalanced Group Plot
  • Improved Scatter Matrix
  • 3D Waterfall with Line and Scatter
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