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Origin 2016 Feature Highlights - Ease of Use

In Origin 2016, many improvements are introduced to make Origin ease of use.

User Interface

Object Manager   

The Object Manager in Origin 2016 makes it easy to manage plots on a graph.

  • Show or Hide plots individually by selecting/clearing a check box
  • Hide/Show a set of plots with the same name
  • Change the order of plots in the same layer
  • Change the plot style

New, Powerful Color Chooser

New Color Chooser makes it easier to pick from a large selection of color lists, and define your own.

  • Set color as Single, By Points or By Plots
  • Large Selection of Color Lists with Varying Luminance
  • New Custom color dialog with Color Picker
  • Save/load Custom color lists
  • Recent Colors list

Tab-based Dialogs   

Curve fitting and statistics dialogs are tab-based for easier navigation.

Fig. Object Manager

Fig. Powerful Color Chooser

Fig. Tab-based linear fit dialog


  • Switch Layers or Create New Layers and change Plot Order in the Layer Contents dialog   
  • "Hunt" button added to the Insert Variables dialog for easy insertion of worksheet variables/metadata into text objects
  • Use Long name in the Plot Details dialog
  • Set Units and Scientific Tick Label display in Tools: Options
  • Set Graph Short Name and Long Name during Batch Plotting and when creating windows from custom templates   

Fig. Switch layer in the Layer Contents dialog

Other Improvements

  • Define and access Project Variables in Set Column Values dialog
  • Nested Sorting of columns in Project Explorer, Layer Contents and Data Browser dialogs
  • Select or Hide Worksheet Columns by Long Name, Units or Comments   

Fig. Select columns by Column Label

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