2.1.26 Worksheet






Name Brief Example
Copy Copy a block of data from the Worksheet on to the clipboard. Examples
Columns The Collection of all Columns in a Worksheet Examples
DeleteCol Delete column Examples
ExportASCII Export data as ASCII Examples
GetBounds Get the minimum beginning and maximum ending row indices for the specified columns in this Worksheet. Examples
GetColFormats Gets the column formats of all the columns in the worksheet Examples
GetIndex Get the index of the worksheet Examples
GetLabelVisible Show or hide some labels on worksheet Examples
GetSelectedColumns Fill a vector with column indexes where column is completely or partially selected Examples
GetUserDefLabel Get the user defined label
InsertCol Insert an empty column in the worksheet with the given name and store the name in a string. If the given name already exists then increment it. The actual name created is returned by reference Examples
InsertRow Insert row in the worksheet Examples
SetColDesignations Set the column designations Examples
SetColFormats Sets the column formats in a worksheet Examples
SetData Set Data for worksheet Examples
SetLabelVisible Set the Label visible Examples
SetLowerBound Set the Lower bound for worksheet Examples
SetScript Worksheet script setting Examples
SetUpperBound Set the upper row display index of the Worksheet. Examples
SetUserDefLabel Set the user defined label
ShowCol Show the specific columns Examples
ShowLabels Show [Hide] column labels Examples