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Name Brief Example
AddNode Add a new node. Examples
AddNumericNode Creates a new node with the specified name, id and the double value and returns that node. Examples
AddTextNode Creates a new node with the specified name, id and the string value and returns that node. Examples
Clone Clones a tree node. If bDeep is true, copies the whole branch Examples
CreateDiff Construct a new tree that collects all the tree nodes that are different between the two given. Examples
FindNodeByAttribute Find a node from a tree by the AttributeName with matching value. Examples
GetArrayAsString Get array as string from the node. Examples
GetAttribute Get the attribute value of a node with the specified attribute name. Examples
GetAttributeNames Get all attribute names from this node Examples
GetDataRange Gets a DataRange object from the TreeNode object which was previously saved using SetDataRanges Examples
GetNode Find child by name Examples
GetNodeCount Get the number of children nodes in the tree node. Examples
GetNodeFromPath Get tree node from the specify path. Examples
GetNodeText Get a node's text string by allowing custom code page value to convert from Unicode to multibytes. This is needed if the XML node contains a string that is not ascii. For example, Japanese, Chinese, or German strings. Examples
GetValue Allows recursive access for getting values a leaf of with a particular tagname of the TreeNode Examples
InsertNode Insert a child node. Examples
IsEmpty Returns the information on whether the node is empty or not. The node must be valid. The node is considered empty if it has no child nodes or if the value it holds is empty. Examples
IsValid Checks if a given node is a valid node or not Examples
Parent Find parent. Examples
Remove Removes the node that calls this method. Examples
RemoveAttribute Removes the attribute of a node. Examples
RemoveChild Removes the node with the specified id. Examples
RemoveChildrenWithPrefix Removes the node with the specified prefix. Examples
Replace Replaces a node in the tree. Examples
Reset Removes all the children and value of a node or a tree, and optionally all attributes Examples
Reverse Reverse the order of the child nodes Examples
SetAttribute Sets the integer value of a node. Examples
SetCDATA Ensures that any string set to it will be preserved without modifications when saved into a file. Examples
SetDataRange sets a DataRange object to the TreeNode Examples
SetNodeText It sets the value of the node as string by assuming the supplied code page (if >= 0) when converting to Unicode. Examples
SetValue Allows recursive access for setting values to all the leaves of the TreeNode Examples
TreeNode Default constructor Examples


Name Brief Example
Children Children are all next level's nodes that are direct adjacent to "this" node. Examples
DataID Read or write treenode's DataID attribute. Examples
Enable Read or write treenode's Enable attribute. Examples
FirstNode Read-only. The first child of this node. Examples
ID Read or write treenode's NodeID attribute. Examples
LastNode Read-only. The last child of this node. Examples
NextLeaf Read-only. The next adjacent leaf of this node. Examples
NextNode Read-only. The next adjacent node of this node. Examples
PrevNode Read-only. The previous adjacent node of this node. Examples
Show Read or write treenode's Show attribute. Examples
tagName Read-only. Text name of the node. Examples
Text Property to read or write text to treenode. Examples
TypeID Identifies the data type of the node Examples
Use Read or write treenode's Use attribute. Examples
XML init treenode from XML string or to get as XML string Examples