The MatrixPage class provides methods and properties common to all internal Origin matrix pages (windows). The Project class contains a collection of MatrixPage objects.

An Origin C MatrixPage object is a wrapper object that is a reference to an internal Origin matrix page object. Origin C wrapper objects do not actually exist in Origin and merely refer to the internal Origin object. Consequently, multiple Origin C wrapper objects can refer to the same internal Origin object. The MatrixPage class is derived from the Page, PageBase, and OriginObject classes from which it inherits methods and properties.

The Origin C Project class (Project.h) contains a collection of all MatrixPage objects named MatrixPages in the open project file. Once accessed, a MatrixPage object can be used to locate and access layers within the Origin matrix page (i.e. use the Layers collection of the Page class) which can in turn be used to access such things as the MatrixObject and any GraphicObjects in the layer.




void MatrixPage_ex1()
    MatrixPage mp;
    if ( mp )

Header to Include




Name Brief Example
ClearData Clear matrix's data. Examples
IsImageMode get MatrixPage display mode. Examples
IsShowImageThumbnail get a thumbnails's show state in a matrix page. Examples
IsShowXY Get X/Y show state in MatrixPage. Examples
MatrixPage Construct a MatrixPage object using the name of an existing matrix page. Examples
SetShowXY Set X/Y show state in MatrixPage. Examples
SetViewMode Set the view mode for the matrix page. Examples
ShowImageThumbnails Show or hide the image thumbnails in a matrix page. Examples