The page.cp object has properties and methods related to the Control Pane in the workbook or matrixbook window. The page object can be referred to using "page".


Property Access Description
page.cp.show Read/write
Show or hide the Control Pane: 1 = show, 0 = hide.
page.cp.type$ Read Only Returns the Control Pane type


Method Description
page.cp.add(postion percent name [option]) Add Control Pane

postion: 1 = left, 2 = top,3 = right, 4 = bottom
percent is in width of window
option is a combination of bits: 1 = Close Button, 2 = Hide Show Pane Button, 4 = Apply Button

page.cp.remove() Remove the Control Pane.
page.cp.settree() Set GETN tree to the Control Pane.


page.cp.add(1 25 DataNavigator:DC 3)

Add Sheet/Book Switching Browser Graph

page.cp.add(1 24 PlotsBookSheetChanger)