OneQCLine (macro)

Draws a horizontal line at Y = lineNameValue across the active graph window. The line is labeled with its given name and its value (i.e. lineNameValue = $(lineNameValue) or CL = $(lineNameValue) ). Window:Refresh or the doc -uw command should be executed after OneQCLine is run to update the graph window. OneQCLine is used by the template QC.OTW which is used to create QC charts


Def  OneQCLine {
  draw -Name QC.%1 -L %1;
  if (%1=="Ave")
     label -Offset 2 (-10) -Coor X2 %1 -s -n TQC.%1 (CL=$(%1,*4*));
     label -Offset 2 (-10) -Coor X2 %1 -s -n TQC.%1 (%1 = $(%1,*4*));


The following script draws a horizontal line at Y=5 in the active graph window and then names and labels the line UCL=5.

OneQCLine UCL;