3.5.12 Miscellaneous


Name Brief Example
exist(name) Returns a single value indicating what 'object type' the given name is associated with string value.
ISNA(double dd) Determines whether the number is a NANUM. Example
isText(string) Determine whether an input is a text. Example

Missing Value

Name Brief Example
Missing Value Equal to NANUM in Origin C.
NA() Returns NANUM. Example


Name Brief Example
color(name) Returns a number corresponding to the index in the color list of the color specified by the name or by the RGB value. Example
eval(script) Execute LabTalk script code. Example
font(name) Returns a number corresponding to the font list index of the font specified by name.
ocolor2rgb(oColor) Convert an internal color code ocolor to RGB value. Example
Range2uid Return the universal identifier (UID) given a range specifier (not a range variable!).
Uid2name Return a name (i.e., [Book1]Sheet1!1) corresponding to a range of data, given a universal identifier (UID) as input.
Uid2range Return a range variable given a universal identifier (UID) as input.
xf_get_last_error_code Returns the last error code value of XFunction engine.
xf_get_last_error_message Returns the last error string message of XFunction engine.