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Ohio Covid-19 Status

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The data for this project was found at The data is downloaded from the download the summary data (CSV) link found after activating the “Covid-19 Ohio Dashboard” button.

This CSV file contains the daily Case Count, Death due to illness Count, and Hospitalized Count listed for each of the 88 counties in Ohio. The data are added daily as new lines. Thus, the file is large, currently in excess of 68,400 entries. This file is processed in Excel to give the number of New Cases Reported for each day.

The final Excel spreadsheet contains the Date, Cases Total, New Cases Reported, Total Deaths, and a 1 if the Date is a Sunday or otherwise blank (The function =IF(TEXT(Bnn,"ddd")="Sun",1,"") )is used where the date is in column B at line nn. These 5 variables are pasted into Origin in columns A(X), B(y) through E(Y). Columns F(Y) through L(Y) contain the coordinates for events: Shutdown, Begin Re-Open, Protests Begin, July 4th, Mask Mandate, School Starts, and Labor Day (more may be added) shown at the bottom of the graph. Column M(Y) contains the name “15-Point Loess Smoothing”. This used to cut and paste the name into column N(Y) when Analysis>Smooth is performed on C(Y) to generate the coordinates of the smoothed curve shown a red line in the plot. I chose 15 points for the smoothing since it seemed to fairly represent the data and it is close to the 2-week supposed incubation period of 14 days. Further, I used 15 and not 14 because of my predilection for using an odd number of points.

In the plot the legend boxes containing the date, Total Cases and Death Rate are changed manually. Death Rate = (Total Deaths)/ (Total Cases).

This graph and data were contributed by Dr. Ernest Lippert, Univ of Toledo and AGR.

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