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XY Error Bar Plots of Laminar Nozzle Velocity Uniformity

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Download this project to learn how to make the graph.

This is an example of an XY Error Bar Plot. Data points are plotted as a scatter plot with each dataset displayed using a different color in Origin's default color list. Both X and Y error bars are included in the plot and are automatically displayed using the same color as their associated dataset. Although not easy to see, the error bars have been updated so that they go through each data point (rather than stop short). This is just one of the options you can change. To learn more about this plot type, click on the link below to go to our 2D Graphs Product page.

Note: The graph was submitted by Dr. James Gardner, an Origin user. The data for the graph was obtained by flowing a gas through a nozzle and measuring the velocity as a function of the experimental parameter flow. The position of the probe used for the measurements was computer controlled to provide the highest degree of accuracy.

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