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Ternary Contour Plot

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This graph displays a Ternary Contour plot created from a worksheet with four columns of data. The first three columns contain the ternary coordinates normalized between 0 and 1, and the fourth column contains the Z values to be used for computing the contour.

Triangulation is used to create the plot from the XYZ data. The Contouring Info tab contains numerous controls, such as a smoothing parameter for the triangulation.

Worksheet window with data Plot Details dialog controls

The worksheet contains four columns. The first three columns contain the XYZ data of the ternary. The Z values in the fourth column are used for computing the contour.

The Contour Info tab of the Plot Details dialog provides two groups of controls for ternary contour plotting. The Boundary controls are used to mask the edges of the XYZ contour plot. The Smoothing group controls how the smoothing is performed.

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