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Origin-LabVIEW Connectivity for Spectral Analysis

Johnny Perez, a graduate student at Temple University working with Dr. Robert J. Levis, uses Origin in conjunction with LabVIEW, for collecting, graphing, and analyzing spectroscopy data. His team is part of the Center for Advanced Photonics and Research. They use powerful femtosecond lasers that are focused at a high intensity of 300 microns to create a plasma at the sample surface. The plasma vaporizes sample that are then captured and analyzed in an electrospray mass spectrometer. The experiments yield hundreds of spectra, requiring Perez to manually insert and organize the data into spreadsheets, a process that can take multiple hours. However with Origin's LabVIEW connectivity, he was able to create a LabVIEW VI that collects the several hundred megabytes of data files generated per session, and automatically load them into an Origin spreadsheet with the appropriate column titles and descriptions. The collected data is then saved as an Origin Project file which is later opened in Origin for analysis and for creating publication quality graphs.

Figure 1: Origin graph displaying mass spectrum of a vaporized sample of equimolar solution containing Lysozyme, Cytochrome C and Myoglobin.

In the future, Perez plans to modify the LabVIEW VI so that it will create folders, load the data files into separate spreadsheets, and also automatically average the columns and perform other statistical analysis.

Figure 2: LabVIEW diagram with Origin Sub VIs for storing data in an Origin project file.


Center for Advanced Photonics and Research, Temple University


Organizing several hundred megabytes of data generated from a mass spectrometer into well organized spreadsheets


Using Origin's LabVIEW connectivity to automatically insert the experimental data into Origin spreadsheets with desired column configuration

Key Features
  • Create LabVIEW VI to automate insertion of data files into Origin spreadsheets
  • Run statistical analysis on data
  • Create publication quality plots

Perez notes that:
"Origin produces beautiful publication quality plots. Its plot setup feature is also great, allowing for flexible assignment of data columns for plotting. With Origin 8.5 and higher, a relatively simple LabView program loads hundreds of megabytes of data smoothly into a single Origin spreadsheet, a task which used to take several hours, now is completed in seconds."

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