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Technical Downloads from OriginLab

Origin 9 & 8.x

Dongle Driver Download

Version 7.5

New Dongle Drivers for Vista, 64bit, and Windows Standby Mode

Updated Origin 7.5 OUTL60.DLL ~ Fixes Problems Listed Below:

  • When you start Origin, you see the Script window open reporting "System folder build failed. Please resolve".
  • When you try to start Origin, you see an Origin application error.
  • Graph axes fail to display.
  • The File Open dialog does not open the selected file (but double-click on OPJ in Explorer works).
  • A simple script that couldn't possibly have an error fails to run.
  • An OPK file dropped on Origin fails to unpack.
  • Neither packing nor unpacking files works from the menu.
  • The colors in your Origin color list are all black.
  • When performing statistics I get this message, "Origin C OStat routines failed to properly load."

LabVIEW 5.0/5.1 Example Files
The LabVIEW files in the Origin 7.5 \Samples\AutomationServer\LabVIEW subfolder are intended for use with LabVIEW versions 6.1 and 7.0. This zip file contains equivalent files for use with LabVIEW 5.0/5/1. Please view the enclosed ReadMe.txt file for installation instructions.

MOCA update for Origin version 7.5
The examples for MOCA were not included in the installation for Origin 7.5. Download them here.

Version 7.0

pCLAMP fix for Origin 7SR2
If you experiencing problems with the pClamp import routine in Origin 7, download this file.

Dialog Builder Update for OriginPro 7 SR1
This update fixes a bug introduced in OriginPro 7 SR1 which prevents Dialog Builder tools and wizards from working even though the tool/wizard launches successfully.

MOCA update for Origin version 7
In Origin 7, the MOCA examples won't compile due to missing headers and incorrect settings in the project files. To fix this, download the MOCA update.

Version 5.0

OUTL50.DLL Y2K fix for English Origin 5.0 Service Releases
Download a replacement DLL that makes the Origin 5.0 Service Releases 1 and 2, (SR1 and SR2) fully year 2000 compliant.

Missing Data Files for Origin 5.0
Two data files mentioned in Origin 5.0 documentation were not included in the Origin 5.0 release. Both data files accompany tutorials on performing t-tests.

Origin 5.0 pCLAMP Fix II
The updated files contained in this download allow the Origin 5.0 pCLAMP Module to support all data formats produced by pCLAMP 6 and Axotape 2.

Version 4.1

Service Release of pCLAMP DLL for Origin 4.1
This service release DLL fixes two problems that exist in the Origin 4.1 pCLAMP module


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