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Perform hierarchical cluster analysis along columns and rows, and plot polar heatmap with circular dendrogram.

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This app can be used to create a polar heatmap with a circular dendrogram and a radial dendrogram. And the circular dendrogram supports to swap subtrees and reset.

Download the file PolarHeatmapDendrogram.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.
NOTE: This tool requires OriginPro.


  1. Make the worksheet for input data active. Click the Polar Heatmap with Dendrogram icon in the Apps Gallery window to open the dialog.
  2. In the opened dialog's Input tab, Data Format includes two options: Radius across columns and Angle across columns, which defines whether rows or columns represent angles. Column Labels in and Row Labels in specify column and row labels, which will be used as labels for the polar heatmap. If None is chosen, it will show row numbers.
  3. In the Transform tab, Impute Missing Value defines the way to handle missing values. Standardize can be used to standardize rows or columns. Log2 Transform option specifies whether to perform log2 transformation.
  4. In the Settings tab, Cluster along Radius check box determines whether to show radial dendrogram. Cluster along Angle branch and Cluster along Radius specify settings for the circular dendrogram and radial dendrogram respectively, including Cluster Method, Distance Type and Number of Clusters.
  5. In the Graph tab, Show Radius Axis option can be used to show distance axis for the circular dendrogram. In the Polar Heatmap group, Start Angle defines the start position of the polar heatmap in the angular direction, and Radial Scale Factor specifies the ratio of the polar heatmap size to the circular dendrogram one in the radial direction. Distance Scale Factor for Radial Dendrogram option can be used to change the radial dendrogram's size in the radial direction. Uncheck Enable Anti-Aliasing for Heatmap option for large data, it will turn off speed mode, hide grid lines and disable anti-aliasing for heatmap. 
  6. Click OK button, a polar heatmap graph with a circular dendrogram appears. When Recalculate is set, right click on the branch node of the circular dendrogram in the graph's second layer, and choose Swap Subtrees or Reset Tree from the context menu to adjust leaf node positions.

Sample OPJU File
This app provides a sample OPJU file. Right click on the Polar Heatmap with Dendrogram icon in the Apps Gallery window, and choose Show Samples Folder from the short-cut menu. A folder will open. Drag-and-drop the project file PolarHeatmapEx.opju from the folder onto Origin. The Notes window in the project shows detailed steps.
Note: If you wish to save the OPJU after changing, it is recommended that you save to a different folder location (e.g. User Files Folder).


7/13/2021 v1.1 Supported to disable Anti-Aliasing for Heatmap in Origin 2022.

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08/11/2023OriginLabHi, JBorg

If you only want to create a polar heatmap, you can create it in Origin with some customization. We will send you email for the details.

08/10/2023JBorgUnfortunately, clustering cannot be turned off (I know that is not the role of this application). It would be nice to present the data as a heatmap. In my case, clustering destroys the whole analysis picture, i.e. data that should be next to each other are rearranged.

08/09/2023OriginLabHi, JBorg

You can create the graph with the app first and then hide the dendrograms with the Object Manager, then you get a circular heatmap. Please see whether this works for you.

OriginLab Technical Service

08/08/2023JBorgCould this app make a circular heatmap without clusterization?

05/07/2023OriginLabHi yushijun,

We cannot reproduce the problem from the limited information you provided. To troubleshoot this problem, please send us the details to our technical support:
Please include the detailed steps leading to the error (if it happens to a special project, please also send us the project file), and a screenshot of the error message.

OriginLab Technical Service

05/07/2023yushijunHi,How to deal with the error: class method declaration has wrong number of arguments?

05/06/2023yushijunHow to deal with the error: class method declaration has wrong number...?