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Zoom graph in inset layer.

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  • Purpose
    This app is used to add a rectangle to 2D Cartesian graph with Cartesian coordinate system (line, scatter, and line+symbol plot), so for zooming in the part of plot covered by this rectangle, which is put into an inset layer.
  • Installation
    Download the "Zoomed Inset Plus.opx" file and then drag and drop it into Origin workspace to install it. A new app icon will be added to Apps gallery.
  • Operation
    1. Activate the 2D graph with Cartesian coordinate system, and press the corresponding icon from the Apps gallery.
    2. Then draw a rectangle to the active layer.
    3. Then an inset layer is added, which shows the part of graph covered by the drawn rectangle.
    4. Move and resize the rectangle to cover the part of plot you are interested in, then this part is changed to the inset layer. You can also move or resize the inset layer.
    5. To delete the rectangle and connect line, you can select the rectangle, and then press the Delete key from keyboard.
    6. Double clicking on the rectangle will bring up the dialog, and you can change the setting there. For more details about the dialog settings, please refer the following section. If there is a <default> theme, it will be used when you start the app. If no <default> theme, <Last Used> theme will be used if any. If neigher <default> or <Last Used> theme, the system default theme will be used.
  • Dialog Settings
    • Input Graph: Show the name of graph.
    • Rectangle: Settings for the rectangle.
      • Border Color: Color of the rectangle border.
      • Border Width: Width of the rectangle border.
      • Border Type: Type of the rectangle border.
      • Fill Color: Fill color of the rectangle border.
      • Transparency (%): Set percentage of the transparency for the rectangle fill color.
      • Rectangle Position: X1, X2, Y1, Y2 are scales of the rectangle.
    • Show Connect Line: If to show the connect line between rectangle and inset layer.
    • Connect Line: Settings for the connect line.
      • Number of Connect Lines: How many connect lines to show, 1, 2 or 4.
      • Color: The color of connect line.
      • Width: The width of connect line.
      • Type: The type of connect line.
    • Inset Layer: Settings for the inset layer.
      • Background Color: Background color of inset layer. If Auto, it will follow the fill color of rectangle.
      • Transparency (%): Set percentage of the transparency for the background color of inset layer.
      • Show Layer Frame: Check to show frame of inset layer.
      • Show Tick Labels: Check to show the tick labels of inset layer.
      • Show Legend: Check to show legend for the inset layer.
      • Width (% of Parent Layer): Width of the inset layer, in percent of its parent layer.
      • Height (% of Parent Layer): Height of the inset layer, in percent of its parent layer.
      • Block Parent Layer: Check to draw the layers one by one, and one may cover others.
      • Apply: Apply the current settings, keep dialog.
      • OK: Apply the current settings, and close dialog.
      • Cancel: Close dialog without doing anything.


v1.2: Fixed Origin crash issue and not show inset layer issue
v1.1: Fixed failed to start issue

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02/20/2023OriginLabHi yinjun, this app only supports zooming the plot created within the data stored in the same project. It doesn't work for the images imported from outside.

OriginLab Technical Support

02/19/2023yinjuninvlid plot type,this app only support 2d line,但是我只是加了一个XRD的pdf,并不是3维图,就是放大不了!