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Create 2D concave hull

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This App creates a bounding area enveloping a set of 2-D points.


Download the file Concave Hull.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

Basic Usage
  1. Click on the App icon to open the dialog.
    This app is disabled if the active window in Origin is one of the followings:
    • matrix sheet
    • 3D graph
    • image graph
  2. Set XY data as input.
    The selected XY columns or active XY graph before launching this app will be set as input.
    When select a graph not created from XY data, this app takes the corresponding XY data as input and ignores the others.
  3. Set a proper value to alpha.
    If the alpha is set to a positive value, only edges contained within a sphere centered at mesh vertices will be included in the result. Otherwise, the result is the region edges of a Delaunay triangulation.
    A small positive alpha value may result in isolated points. You can preview the result of a particular alpha value by clicking the Preview button or enabling Auto Preview.
  4. Click on the OK button to create the corresponding concave hull.
    If the input data is a 2D graph, this app will add a line graph of the result to it.
LabTalk Script

You can also create a concave hull using LabTalk script as following:

ConcaveHull -r 2 iy:= alpha:=2 area:=area perimeter:=perimeter;


N.B. This App uses the VTK library. A copyright notice is included in the package.


v1.10 Update DLL dependencies.

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