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Test for a specific value of a fit parameter

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  • Purpose
    This app can test whether a user-specified value for a fit parameter is statistically acceptable.
  • Installation
    Download the file "Fit Parameter Test.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.
  • Operation
    Make a graph active or select a Y column in a worksheet, and then click the app icon to bring up the dialog.
    Then you can select a fitting function, and specify a parameter value to test.

Dialog Settings:

  • Input Data: Show the input data range name.
  • Category: Select a fitting function category.
  • Function: Select a fitting function.
  • Parameters to Compare: Select a parameter of the specified fitting function, and provide a value for comparison.
  • Method: Choose the method for the parameter comparison, methods include Akaike Information Criteria (AIC) and F-test.
  • Additional Outputs: Whether to output addtional results, including fit parameters and fit statistics.
  • Fit Control Button: Open the Fit Control Dialog, which shows the fitted curve preview and parameters, also allows setting fit control options.
    • Parameters Tab in Fit Control Dailog: Show the fitting parameters
    • Fit Control Tab in Fit Control Dialog: Set the fit control options, including maximum number of interations, fitting tolerance, and enable/specify linear constraints.


v1.1: Fix bugs for weighted fit and parameter initialization

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