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Detect single and multiple change points within data.

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This app can be used to detect single and multiple changes within a given time series or sequence.


The app requires R software and package (changepoint).

  1. Install R or upgrade it before installing the App (Minimum required version 3.4.1. Please download R from here.).
  2. Download the cpa.opx file, then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace.
  3. The App will start downloading dependent R packages automatically. Wait a few minutes until the download is completed.

        Note: If auto download fails, a pop-up dialog will ask you to copy 2 lines of commands from Results Log and run them in R to complete package download. 
                 If you reinstall or upgrade R after installing the app, it would not work properly. Please reinstall the app.


  1. Activate a worksheet with XY columns or a graph with XY data plots.
  2. Click the icon in the Apps Gallery window to open the dialog. Select a dataset as input. 
  3. Change settings under the Options node:
    • Identify Changes In: Identify changes in mean, variance or both.
    • Method: Algorithm used to detect change points. If Binary Segmentation or Segment Neighborhood is selected, you should also specify maximum number of change points.
    • Assumed Test Statistic: The assumed test statistic / distribution of the data.
    • Penalty: Value used to ascertain what are important changes and what are not.
    • Penalty Value: Type I error for Asymptotic, number to be evaluated for manual penalties.
    • Minimum Segment Length: Minimum number of data points between changes (default is 1).
  4. Click Preview to show change points.
  5. Click OK to output report sheet.


v1.21:6/26/2024 Change Package location.
v1.2:5/27/2022 Fix loading library bug in R v4.2.

Reviews and Comments:
11/07/2023OriginLabHi Pangbo0831, does the error pop up when you click the app icon? It will be better if you can show us the error by taking a screenshot.

OriginLab Technical Support

11/07/2023Pangbo0831Fatal error:unable to open the package? Why?

04/17/2023OriginLabHi, Strelok163

We will contact you with email to see what went wrong.

OriginLab Technical Support

04/15/2023Strelok163ORTryCatch <- function(expr) {
warn <- err <- NULL
value <- withCallingHandlers(
tryCatch(expr, error=function(e) {
err <<- e
}), warning=function(w) {
warn <<- w
list(value=value, warning=warn, error=err)

list.of.packages <- c("changepoint")
new.packages <- list.of.packages[!(list.of.packages %in% installed.packages()[,"Package"])]
if(length(new.packages)) install.packages(new.packages)

What two lines should be copied?

04/15/2023Strelok163cpa:X-Function failed to execute!
Failed to find any change point. Please change your settings.