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Batch processing with multiple Origin instances.

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  • Purpose
    This app is capable of batch processing with analysis template using multiple Origin instances in background.
  • Installation
    Download the file "Distributed Batch Processing.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.
  • Operation
    Click the app icon to bring up the dialog, then provide the desired settings, and then click the Run button to start the batch processing. Note: there is a sample project together with this app. You can open the sample folder by right clicking on the icon of this app, and then choose Show Samples Folder from the context menu. In this folder, you can use the provided template and follow the note to get how to use this app.

Dialog Settings:
1. Analysis Template: Specify where the analysis template is.
2. Folder: Specify the folder where the data files to be imported for the batch analysis.
3. Files By Extension: Specify the file extension to get the files with the specified extension from the specified folder for the batch analysis. If it is empty, all files in the specified folder are used for batch processing.
4. Data Sheet: When specify an Analysis Template, this option is used to specify which sheet in the analysis template is used for imported data.
5. Summary Sheet: When specify an Analysis Template, this option is used to specify which sheet in the analysis template is used as summary sheet, and the result will put into this sheet for each processing.
6. No. of Background Instances of Origin: Specify how many Origin instances to start to process the analysis parallelly.
7. Hide Origin Instances: If to hide Origin instances when processing is running. If checked, Origin instances are running background.
8. Started Date and Time: Show the date and time when the current batch processing started.
9. Data Table:
9.1. Process ID: The PID of the running Origin instances.
9.2. File Count: How many files the Origin instance to process.
9.3. Last Processed File: The file name of the last processed done file by that Origin instance.
9.4. Drop Down: Show the result values of the last finish file, the available options are from the columns of summary sheet.
9.5. Processing: Show the progress bar.
10. Buttons:
10.1. Run: After the dialog settings are done, this button is available for starting running the batch processing.
10.2. Continue and Pause: For a running batch job, click Pause button to pause the processing and keep the current status. And then you can click the Continue button to continue the processing.
10.3. Stop: Stop the batch processing, that will not keep the status.
10.4. Run In Background: Run the batch processing in background, then you can do other thing in current Origin instance.
10.4. Summary: Output the batch processing results, then close dialog.


v1.4: Localization for Japanese
v1.3: Files limitation issue
v1.2: Fixed bugs of summary issues
v1.1: Support for template with multiple data sheets

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