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Perform smoothing of XY data plots

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This app lets you perform smoothing of XY data plots on a graph.
The App can operate on a single data plot, or on multiple data plots by internally combining the data.


Download the file 2D Smoother.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


To launch this app, activate a 2D XY plot with one or more data plots and click on the app icon.
The left panel lists existing plots. You can select one or more plots as input.
If Combine & Sort is ON, data will be combined and sorted before further operation.

There are 3 tabs in the dialog for various operations.
You can add one or more smoothed lines by changing settings and clicking on the Add button.

  1. Connected Line
    This method simply connects the data points using a chose line style.
    Select the line type from the drop-down list:
    • Cubic Spline: this option is enabled when there are no more than 900 points and they are strictly in ascending/descrending order.
    • B-Spline
    • Akima Spline
    • Bezier
    • Modified Bezier
  2. Trendline
    This method adds a smoothed line by performing curve fitting of the data points.
    Select the fitting type from the drop-down list.
    You can display the corresponding equation as a label next to the to the end of the trendline by checking the Add Equation as Label checkbox. Adding R-squared as label is supported as well.
    • Linear: Performs linear fitting on the data
      You can fix the intercept to a particular value by checking the corresponding checkbox.
    • Polynomial: Performs polynomial fitting on the data.
      The polynomial order can be between 2 and 6.
      You can fix the intercept to a particular value by checking the corresponding checkbox.
    • Power: Performs apparent fit on the data when Fix Y Offset at Zero is checked:
      \(\ln\left(y\right)=\ln\left(a\right) + b\ln\left(x\right)\)
    • Logarithmic: Perform apparent fit on the data when Fix X Shift at Zero is checked:
    • Exponential: Perform apparent fit on the data when Fix Y Offset at Zero is checked:
    • Piecewise Linear: Performs 2 or 3 segment linear fit to the data.
  3. Smoothed Line
    The available smoothing methods are:
    • Moving Average
    • Savitzky-Golay
    • Lowess
    • Loess
    • Whittaker (Pro)
    Note smoothed line works better for a large number of data points.


v1.3 Whittaker smoothing (since Origin 2021b. Pro only)
v1.1 Output R-squared value.

Reviews and Comments:

10/14/2021OriginLabHi gdlgdl4,

Origin 2022 has not been released, would you please consider to use this app in Origin 2021b, or just wait for our official release on Origin 2022?


10/13/2021gdlgdl4there is a error in 2022 version :"OPENTRENDLINEDIALOG()" WHY?




06/16/2021chj681124very good



12/18/2018OriginLabHi ucbechz,

Thanks for your suggestion. We will update the App to show R-Square in trendline.