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Search the specified keyword in all the OPJs in the specified folder.

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  • Purpose
    This app is used to search for an OPJ file by identifying a keyword that is input into a search engine. All projects from a specified folder or subfolders that have that keyword are listed.
  • Installation
    Download the OPJ Searcher.opx file and drag-and-drop the file onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.
  • Operation
    Double Click the app icon to open the OPJ searcher dialog box.
    1. Use the Look In search engine and select a folder to specify the location for conducting the OPJ search. Select include sub-folders to include the search within the subfolders.
    2. Use the Find What search engine to specify a keyword for the search. Select Start in order to find the OPJ files.
    3. Find Options:
      • Select Case sensitive to specify the search to be case sensitive to your keyword.
      • Select Match whole word to specify the search to completely match your keyword.
      • Select Allow wildcards (*, ?) to specify the search to include wildcard, such as *, and ? in addition to your keyword.
    4. Types to Search:
      • Select Graphs to identify the name of graphs within an OPJ file that corresponds to the keyword.
      • Select Books (Workbook) to identify the name of a workbook within an OPJ file that corresponds to the keyword.
      • Select Notes (Note window) to identify the name of a note window within an OPJ file that corresponds to the keyword.
      • Select Folder Names to identify the name of a folder within an OPJ file that corresponds to the keyword.
    5. Results:
      • The result table will display all OPJ files that corresponds to your search specifications. Select open to open the project, it will open in a new window.
      • Hover the  mouse over the description listed in the attribute column to view details about the file.
      • When the search identifies a Graph from the keyword search, hover the mouse over the Graph Page in the Element column to view a thumbnail of the graph. 

Note:  The App launches a second instance of Origin to perform the search. If you have multiple versions of Origin installed, you should run the latest version one time as administrator, prior to using the App. This will ensure that the App finds the correct version of Origin to launch in the background.


v1.2: Wildcards displaying issue
v1.1: Skip opj opened in current Origin instance

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