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Estimate Tafel Extrapolation using tangent lines on a data plot.

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This app can be used to estimate the Tafel Extrapolation, and output the corresponding values (e.g. anodic/cathodic curve function, corrosion potential and current, anodic/cathodic curve's slope and angle).

Download the file "Tafel Extrapolation.opx". Then drag-and-drop the file onto the Origin workspace.


  1. With a graph window active, select the "Tafel Extrapolation" app icon from the Apps panel. A dialog will open. The dialog provides options for the app gadget.
  2. Click the Help button in the top right corner of the dialog to open the help file. The file includes an explanation of dialog box settings, plus an example.


v1.1: fixed failed to open issue in Origin 2018
v1.2: support for Icorr,a and Icorr,c

Reviews and Comments:
04/10/2022OriginLabHi, could you please send us the opju file you are working on and also tell us the detailed steps to reproduce the issue, so that we can further check what went wrong with this app?
OriginLab Technical Support

04/08/2022matin.yahyavi@gmail.comThe app calculates the Icorr always Icorr=1.000. How cxan I fix the problem?


Once you obtain the tangent line equation in the output sheet, you can go to menu File->New->Function Plot->New 2D Function Plot..., In the dialog, type in the line function and add the line to the graph.

02/22/2022sherazyousafi have find the values but unable to plot this selected liner region of graph along with tangent separately. App shows a sheet named "TmpBkTafel" it has a number of columns but not sure about selection of specific columns to plot separately.

01/13/2022WoshilianxinVery good

10/18/2021BO LE 

06/15/2021Mik95Very useful


04/15/2021XinruiHOnce had the 'curve fitting' as well, I managed to solve that by Log scaled the data before adding them into the workbook.
Very useful! Thank you.

04/10/2021HKheirabadiIt was perfect. Please add polarization resistance measurement.
Users should note that in order for this App to work one should have his/her current density in the logarithmic format ( Like -7, -6 , -5 , -4 , ... NOT 1e-7, 1e-6, 1e-5, ...)