App Development

The process of creating an Origin App in Origin 2017 and later is not difficult though one does have to have at least a rudimentary knowledge ahead of time in one or more of the programming languages used in Origin. Depending on the desired functionality of an App, the language(s) may include LabTalk, Origin C, or even Python.

This document discusses in some depth various topics related to App development and distribution. Its primary audience is Origin users familiar with some basic coding who want to start creating their own Apps. It is worth taking the time to read through the document thoroughly before starting to create an App because many potential questions will be answered.

Though certain insights are provided and recommendations are made, especially in the Process of Creating an App section, they are merely recommendations based on experience. Certainly one does not have to follow all of them to a letter. Nonetheless, they are a good starting point from which to begin creating Apps.