Page and Layer


Name Brief Example
add_new_folder Create a folder in active folder or special folder.. Examples
add_new_layer Add new layer on the page, if page not exist, create new page. Examples
add_new_window Create page window or Note window in active folder or special folder.. Examples
attach_or_create_sheet attach a Worksheet object by [Book]Sheet specification. Create if not found Examples
get_active_page Get active page that is not a Notes page Examples
get_folder_pages_name Get all page names in one folder. Examples
get_layer_rect_page_units get graphic layer's bounding box in page coordinate Examples
get_user_info Get a user binary storage by name as a Tree from the OriginObject Examples
get_user_parameters get the list of user variables that has been saved into the column, empty ones will be skipped Examples
graph_arrange_layers This function is used to rearrange layers on a graphpage Examples
info_get_section Get a section from an OriginObject's Info. Examples
info_set_section Set a section into an OriginObject's Info. Examples
is_same_layer Get whether two layers is same one Examples
is_sheet_empty Get sheet empty status Examples
okxf_resolve_string_get_origin_object Construct a origin object by string Examples
page_clone Clone Graph or Layout Examples
page_get_display_name get page name for display, get long name first, but if empty, then use short name Examples
page_get_image_type_from_type_str To get image file type from the extension of image file, just like will get IL_FORMAT_BMP, IL_FORMAT_EPS and so on according to "BMP", "EPS". Examples
page_get_info_var_value Get the value of a variable in a Page's Info section Examples
page_get_layer_numbers character. The active layer number is also returned. Examples
page_get_storage_str Get a binary storage from a page into a string. Examples
page_get_template_name Get page template name Examples
page_insert_label insert a text label to a graph layer Examples
page_is_active Test to see if a given page is the active window Examples
page_load GraphPage to load page template. Examples
page_set_active_layer Set one of the layer in the given page to be the active layer Examples
page_set_info_var_value Set the value of a variable in a Page's Info section Examples
page_set_storage_str Set a string into a page as a binary storage Examples
page_type_2_int convert page type to int value. Examples
set_user_info Add/Update a user binary storage using a Tree into the OriginObject Examples
set_user_parameters set user-defined-variabels to a column and also show the label rows in the worksheet Examples