The DataPlot class provides methods and properties common to all Origin data plots. An internal Origin data plot object is used to store the plot characteristics of an Origin data plot. It is contained in a graph layer on a graph page.

An Origin C DataPlot object is a wrapper object that is a reference to an internal Origin data plot object. Origin C wrapper objects do not actually exist in Origin and merely refer to the internal Origin object. Consequently, multiple Origin C wrapper objects can refer to the same internal Origin object. The DataPlot class is derived from the DataObjectBase and OriginObject classes from which it inherits methods and properties.




void DataPlot_ex1()
    Worksheet wks;
    Dataset ds1(wks,0);
    Dataset ds2(wks,1);

    GraphPage gp;

    GraphLayer gl(gp.GetName(), 0);
    DataPlot dp = gl.DataPlots(0);      // Get first data plot in     graph layer
    dp.SetColor(2);                     // Change color to green

Header to Include




Name Brief Example
AddDataMarkers Add data markers onto the data plot and specify the begin and end indices Examples
ChangeData Change the X or Y dataset in the data plot. Examples
ChangeSheet Change data plot to use another sheet. Examples
DataPlot Default constructor which constructs an uninitialized (unattached) DataPlot. The object cannot be used until it is initialized. Examples
ExtractContourData Extract the data of contour lines in the contour plot. Examples
GetAxesScaleOverlap Get XY scale range of data plot related to the layer's XY scale range. Examples
GetColormap Gets the colormap properties of the dataplot (applies to dataplot with colormaps, like contour plot). Examples
GetDataMarkers Get begin and end indices of data markers present on the data plot. Examples
GetDataPoint Given DataPlot data index and get corresponding data point values. Examples
GetDataPoints Given DataPlot data index range and get corresponding data point values. Examples
GetDataRange Get Data Range for this data plot. Examples
GetDataRegions Get data regions that are inside the enclosed graphic object Examples
GetDescription Get description string. Examples
GetFunctionContext Get function plot context. Examples
GetGroupPlot Get group plot from data plot Examples
GetLegend Get plot legend as it is displayed. Examples
GetLinkedDatasetName Get linked dataset name. Examples
GetModifiers Get modifiers. Examples
GetPlotType Get DataPlot type and also get all the description strings. Examples
GetRectPoints Get data points that are inside the enclosed rectangle. Examples
GetRelatedDatasetNames Get related dataset names array Examples
GetRelatedDataset Get related dataset. Examples
GetStackOffsetValues Get stack offset values for data plot. Examples
GetSymbol Get index of the plot symbol in the symbol gallery. Examples
GetVirtualMatrixInfo Get virtual matrix info. Examples
IsDataFromMatrix check if the data from matrix Examples
IsShow Check if the data is show Examples
LabTalk Perform the same action as the LabTalk Set Get command on a data plot. Examples
RemoveDataMarker Remove data markers. Examples
RemoveRelatedDataset Remove related dataset Examples
SetActive Set data plot to be the ActiveCurve. Examples
SetColor Set the color of the dataplot (line, symbol). Examples
SetColormap Set the Z levels for the colormap inside the data plot. Examples
SetColorRGB Set the color of the dataplot (line, symbol) by the intensities of red, green, and blue colors. Examples
SetDataMarkers Set begin and end indices of data markers present on the data plot Examples
SetFunctionContext Set function plot context. Examples
SetLineType Set line style. Examples
SetLinkedDataset Set linked dataset. Examples
SetModifier It sets a modifier, like to specify that a symbol size or color in a scatter plot, comes from another column. Examples
SetRelatedDataset Set related dataset. Examples
SetSymbol Set data plot symbol based by index of one in the symbol gallery. Examples
UpdateXYDataRangeTree Update XYDataRange Tree Examples
Update Force data plot to be redrawed in graph Examples
XIndex Given X value get the index of point in DataPlot. Examples