3.7.3 Objects

Internal Object Overview

Internal objects are objects which are constructed by Origin. There are two types of internal objects:

Window objects. Window objects are visible parts of Origin child windows. These include visual objects created by Origin, as well as user created graphic objects and UIM objects.

Utility objects. Utility objects are generalized objects. These objects do not have a visual counterpart in the Origin project. Utility objects allow you to set properties that affect the active Origin session. The default values for most of these properties are set in the OPTION.CNF file which is read when Origin is launched. Many default property values may also be changed during an Origin session in the Options dialog box (Tools:Options).

External Object Overview

External objects are objects which exist in external DLLs. External objects are not window specific - they affect the entire Origin session. A number of external objects are already accessible in Origin. Additionally, you can create your own objects in user-defined external DLLs. This process is reviewed in the OriginPro Manual (OriginPro only).

To list the current external objects and the DLL that each is mapped to in the Script window, use the DLL -l; command.

The Curve, db, FFT, Image, Mat, NLSF and Stat objects are obsolete and provided only for backward compatibility. The reference for each obsolete object includes the X-Functions which should be used going forward.

The following external objects are available in Origin:

Object Name Description
Ed The ed object provides script access for the Code Builder.
Curve The curve object provides math operations on a data plot:

Smoothing, Integration, Derivation and basic peak and baseline selection.

DB Provide ODBC access to a database.
FFT Calculates FFT, Convolution, Deconvolution and Correlation.
Image Provide script access to image files for import and export.
Mat Properties and methods associated with a Matrix, including Gridding methods and Profile extraction.
OPack Properties and Methods for packing and unpacking files for sharing between Origins.
NLSF Nonlinear Curve fitting
Stat Perform Descriptive Statistics and Linear, Polynomial and Multiple Regression.
Vw Generate a video from a selection of graphs.
Vr Reads a video file and imports frame (or frames) to matrix object(s)/matrix book.