2.2 Resources for Learning LabTalk

Besides the content provided in this guide, the following resources are available for learning LabTalk.

Online Documentation

Most up-to-date documentation for LabTalk, including updates to this guide, can be found online at this location: http://www.originlab.com/doc/labtalk


Several LabTalk tutorials are shipped with Origin. These are accessible from the Help menu.

Script Examples

Various Script Examples are shipped with Origin. These are accessible from the Help menu, and are contained in the sub folder: <Origin Installation Folder>\Samples\LabTalk Script Examples\.

X-Function Script Examples

Press the F11 key in Origin to open the XF Script Dialog. This dialog provides many script examples specific to calling X-Functions, organized in various categories such as Import, Fitting, Signal Processing, and Spectroscopy.

LabTalk Forum

Post your question on the LabTalk forum. Go to: http://www.originlab.com/forum and then select the LabTalk Forum. Our forums are monitored by our technical staff, plus you may get ideas and answers from other power users as well.

Training and Consulting

OriginLab and our distributors worldwide offer Training and Consulting services to help you with advanced customization using LabTalk. Please contact us for further details.