Vector XYAM Plot

Version Info

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin8 SR0


To try the following function to plot Vector XYAM, need to prepare a worksheet with XYYY columns.

void vector_plot()
        Worksheet wks = Project.ActiveLayer();
        if( wks )
                DataRange dr;
                dr.Add(wks, 0, "X");
                dr.Add(wks, 1, "Y");
                dr.Add(wks, 2, "A"); // Angle
                dr.Add(wks, 3, "M"); // Magnitude
                GraphPage gp;
                gp.Create("Vector"); // Vector is template name
                GraphLayer gl = gp.Layers(0);
                int nn = gl.AddPlot(dr, IDM_PLOT_VECTOR);