3.4 Batch Linear Regression

This example shows how to use the Batch Processing tool to perform batch linear regression.

It is to demonstrate the following:

  1. Connect to a running Origin with OA_ConnectToOrigin.vi which maps to the ApplicationSI method in Origin.
  2. Specify a path to load the analysis template "Linear Regression.ogw", which is under <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Curve Fitting\ folder.
  3. Get and change existing linear regression setting that stored in the analysis template, which intends to fix the Intercept at 0.
  4. Prompt a dialog to ask you to select one or multiple data files. To be compatible with the customized analysis template, you should select the "Sensor01.dat", "Sensor02.dat" and "Sensor03.dat" together (or just select one of them) that in the <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Curve Fitting folder.
  5. Perform batch processing and output the results into table.

This example is mainly composed of 3 parts.

  • The figure below is to load a template and change the linear regression settings.

Batch Linear Regression 1.png

  • The figure below is to let you select multiple files.

Batch Linear Regression 2.png

  • The figure below is to perform batch linear regression.

Batch Linear Regression 3.png


This VI is written in LabVIEW 8.5. Please use LabVIEW 8.5 or more newer version of LabVIEW to run it.