List of Line Styles

The list below shows a list of line properties, i.e., connections, line types and arrow heads. In LabTalk the line connection may be used for data plots accessed by Get -l and Set -l commands. Line types may be used for either data plots accessed by Get -d and Set -d commands, or visual objects accessed through <object>.lineType object property. Arrow heads may be used for visual objects through <object>.arrowBeginShape or <object>.arrowEndShape object property.

# Connections # Line Types
0. No Line 0. Solid Line.pngSolid
1. Straight.pngStraight 1. Dash.pngDash
2. 2 Point Segment.png2 Point Segment 2. Dot.pngDot
3. 3 Point Segment.png3 Point Segment 3. Dash Dot.pngDash Dot
4. 3 Point Segment.png4 Point Segment 4. Dash Dot Dot.pngDash Dot Dot
5. 3 Point Segment.png5 Point Segment 5. Short Dash.pngShort Dash
6. 3 Point Segment.png6 Point Segment 6. Short Dot.pngShort Dot
7. 3 Point Segment.png7 Point Segment 7. Short Dash Dot.pngShort Dash Dot
8. B-Spline.pngB-Spline # Arrow heads
9. Spline.pngSpline 1. Arrow head 0.png
10. 3 Point Segment.png10 Point Segment 2. Arrow head 1.png
11. Step Horz.pngStep Horizontal 3. Arrow head 2.png
12. Step Vert.pngStep Vertical 4. Arrow head 3.png
13. Step H Center.pngStep H Center 5. Arrow head 4.png
14. Step V Center.pngStep V Center 6. Arrow head 5.png
15. Bezier.pngBezier 7. Arrow head 6.png
8. Arrow head 7.png
9. Arrow head 12.png
10. Arrow head 13.png
11. Arrow head 8.png
12. Arrow head 9.png
13. Arrow head 10.png
14. Arrow head 11.png