2.42 Worksheet




Name Brief Example
Activate Set worksheet as active in current workbook VB, C#
ClearData Clear data in current worksheet VB, C#
Copy Copy a block of data from the Worksheet on to the clipboard. VBA
Destroy Remove one worksheet from current workbook and destroy it VBA
Execute Run LabTalk script in the context of the object, so that the script can assume the object is the active object. This is applicable to Layer and Page objects only. VBA
GetBinaryStorageData Get value stored by SetBinaryStorageData with specified name VBA
GetData Get a block of data, within the specified row and column range, from the Worksheet. VBA, C#
GetMetaData Get information tree of an Origin object with an xmlDocument structure VBA, C#, VC++
Labels Construct worksheet label region using Column Label Row Characters. VBA, C#
NewDataRange Creating a DataRange object. VBA, C#
SetBinaryStorageData Store an value in Origin object with specified name VB
SetData Send 2D array to Origin. This method is the same as Application.PutWorksheet VBA, C#
SetMetaData Update infomation of an Origin object which can be showed from Show Organizer command in context menu VBA, VB

, C# , VC++


Name Brief Example
Application Refer to the current Origin instance VB
BinaryStorageNames The collection of names of all the binarystorage in this object VB
Cols The Cols property is an integer value that holds the number of columns in the worksheet. VB
Columns The collection of column objects in this worksheet VB
DataObjectBases The collection of dataobjects on layer(Columns, MatrixObjects, or DataPlots) VB
Index Indicate the position of this object in current container VB
LabelVisible Show or hide some labels on worksheet VBA, VB, C#
LongName The long name of this origin object VBA, C#
Name Name of the Origin object VBA, C#
Parent The object that has this collection VB
Rows The Rows property is an integer value that holds the number of rows in the worksheet. VB
Show Set an Origin object's visible status VB, C#
UserDefLabel Get and Set the sheet Row Label for a User-Defined Label row. VB, LabVIEW